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Salt Lamp Guide

Discovering the Salt Lamps


Some people may want to clean their houses so that they can be spackling clean but some may not have an idea of how to it using the simple things available. With the Himalayan salt lamp, an individual can see wonders when they use it to clean the house. Using the Himalayan salt crystal lamp is essential in cleaning the air in the house. Some people may want to know what exactly the salt lamp is and here is the explanation for it. Some may think that it is a lamp that illuminates some light in the house but that is somehow the opposite of the main function of the salt lamp. In general, the salt lamp is essential in the home since it helps in promoting some health and wellness of anyone living in that house. Mostly, it is recognised for its cleaning ability of the air as well as being an aesthetic.


The salt lamp at can be described as a natural chunk of salt that has been mined from the hills of the Himalayan Mountains. The salt has accumulated some minerals within their salt supply during their existence in the mountain. With the accumulated minerals, the salt lamps are essential in getting the air ionised and make it clean. After mining, the salt lamp is then shaped and mounted on to a wooden base. On the wooden base, the salt lamp is drilled to acquire a hole that will accommodate a candle or a light bulb. The salt lamps come in different sizes and shapes so that an individual will be able to acquire it.


 The salt lamps are available on the Luvin Life website where an individual can get the variety and choose the one that his or her budget can fit. The Luvin Life website also provides other products that will help an individual to have a good life in his or her home as well as some accessories that go along with the slat lamp. For the salt lamp, the heat obtained from the candle or the light bulb will allow the slat lamp to emit some ions that are negatively charged which are important in producing the clean air in the house. Therefore, the salt lamps at Luvin Life are good compliments of the natural look of the house as well as it encouraging the health and wellness of the environment making it clean and avoiding some allergies and ailments.


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